Persons and Family Members

Who makes up the Person and Family Engagement Network?

The PFEN is made up of a diverse group of persons, families, caregivers, and advocates who are interested in sharing their healthcare experiences with measure developers. This is a way to directly impact healthcare quality.

  • Persons/Patients: Individuals who interact with the healthcare system on a regular basis and are living with, or managing, one or more health conditions. ​
  • Families and Caregivers: Individuals who interact with the healthcare system on a regular basis (currently or in the past) to provide support and assist a family member, friend, or loved one in managing their health and healthcare. ​
  • Advocates: Individuals who work or volunteer at nonprofit, mission-oriented organizations that represent a specific constituency of consumers or patients.

Who can join the PFEN?

Anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences!

How can persons and families be involved in healthcare quality?

  • Check with your local hospital, health system or clinic to see if they have patient or community advisory boards.​
  • The Partnership for Quality Measurement (PQM) has been established to help CMS bring together a variety of experts including clinicians, patients, measure experts, and health information technology specialists – to ensure informed and thoughtful endorsement reviews of qualified measures. There are a number of opportunities to serve on committees and workgroups. Joining the PQM is also free and a great way to stay up to date on quality measure activities. ​
  • If you are passionate about a specific disease or condition, we encourage you to check with specific associations to inquire about ways to volunteer and advocate for healthcare quality. The link on this presentation will direct you to our website .
  • CMS encourages the public, including patients and families, to provide input and comments on proposed CMS rules. When CMS establishes policies, they oftentimes provide a pre-rulemaking period, that allows the public to comment on proposed policies. You can check the ECQI and PQM for opportunities.
  • Join the Person and Family Engagement Network.

Join the Network

Thank you for your interest in the CMS PFE Member Network! We are looking for individuals of all backgrounds, interests, and experiences to give their input into quality measure development. Please fill out this form and one of our team members will contact you.

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