Measure Developers

How does PFEN support Measure Developers?

The Person and Family Engagement Network (PFEN) supports Measure Developer Contractors (MDCs) by providing the patient and family perspective in Technical Expert Panels (TEPs), work groups, and focus groups during the quality measure development process. CMS measure developers find the patient and family perspective invaluable, as the members’ lived experiences complement the measure developers’ technical and content expertise. ​

SoftDev Incorporated manages PFEN, which includes recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing education and outreach. The SoftDev team carefully matches PFEN members’ clinical and demographic backgrounds, skillsets, and interests to the measure developer’s project goals. SoftDev continues to provide support to both the PFEN member and measure developer for the duration of the project to ensure all parties receive the support they need to be successful throughout the process.

Quality Measure History

The image displays a timeline of quality measures from 2019 to 2023, organized by year: 2019 had 8 Quality Measure topics, 2020 had 11 Quality Measure topics, 2021 had 11 Quality Measure topics, 2022 had 7 Quality Measure topics, 2023 had 7 Quality Measure topics

PFE Tool Kit

Person and Family Engagement Toolkit:

A Guide for Measure Developers

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